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2019 Planning
3 Steps to Effortless Campaign-Ready Data Inside Marketo
On-Demand Webinar

  • Jamie Walker
    Director of Product Marketing
  • Erickson Tweedy
    Data Specialist

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Presented by Synthio

Marketers spend up to 30 hrs/wk just collecting and organizing marketing data to just get it campaign-ready. This webinar is ideal for the marketer, with zero time available to manipulate data and ensure bulletproof data accuracy before pushing the go-button on their next marketing campaign. Make data hygiene one-less worry and walk away with actionable steps for building a completely seamless, end-to-end marketing data management pipeline with essential systems liked Marketo.

Watch Jamike Walker, Director of Product Marketing, Synthio and Erickson Tweedy, Data Specialist, Synthio on-demand to learn the secrets to seamless data management within your Marketo instance. We’ll discuss:

  • The benefits of integrated data management over manual data hygiene practices
  • How to build deeper segments to increase engagement with TOFU contacts
  • Ways to improve lead routing and provide sales with enriched data to engage opportunities